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Unified ommunications solutions Telecom solutions

AUVI offers communication solutions for small and large enterprises that allow productivity increase, better customer service and cost control by integrating several communication media such as telephone, email, instant messaging and video conferencing. Commonly known as Unified communications. Receiving faxes, emails or voice messages can all be done through your personal computer, laptop or smartphone. The "text-to-speech" function even allows an email to be read out to you.

The proposed solutions allow you and your co-workers to communicate wherever and whenever you want. This mobility allows you to fully concentrate on your business.

Cost reduction and travel and expenses are the most commonly used arguments to consider investing in video conferencing solutions. Our partners in this area, have developed a full suite of products and solutions that help businesses to optimise communications, both internal and external, control costs and maintain a competitive advantage for your business.

Do you want to be reachable on your cell phone all the time, without communicating your number to your customer? Or you would like to continue a conversation that you started with your desk phone on your cell phone? We'll activate the "Mobile Worker" on your system and you're ready to go!

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